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A fascinating exploration of the concept of human sacrifice in various cultures throughout history. The idea that human sacrifice may have promoted social stability and the evolution of caste systems is particularly thought-provoking. It is a fresh perspective on understanding the past. Thank you for sharing these insights.

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Umm, this is obvious...

If you are a believer at the orthodox end of Christianity (Roman Catholic, eastern Orthodox, high church Anglican maybe) part of your belief is that every Sunday:

- You attend a human sacrifice

- You eat the flesh and perhaps drink the blood of the Victim.

Further, if I understand Mirecea Eliade aright, I think in THE MYTH OF THE ETERNAL RETURN(?), the sacrifice is not a reenactment of but identical with the original sacrifice in Roman Palestine. The topologies of sacred time and space allow this identity. The sacrifice is The Sacrifice, and is the center of the universe.

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