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Thank you for writing in support of passive or ambient or whatever-you-want-to-call it learning. I have been reading a lot lately about the downsides of anything other than active learning, and I have been frustrated, or worried that I have limited myself, since I enjoy learning things without summarizing and restating them in my own words and testing myself and worrying about spaced repetition. I have learned a lot about a lot of things over the years and I’m glad to see I am not the only one who values this approach.

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I don't like calling the kind of learning you're talking about "passive". It's not a crazy term, since it's got a certain resemblance to passive income, for example, but I think calling it passive makes it seem like there's no effort or intention involved. Is a fisherman passive? It depends on when you're looking at them.

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Your journey from intense productivity reading to a more self-directed approach is relatable. It reminds me that efficiency is not synonymous with the soulless pursuit of productivity; it's about high ROI activities and avoiding decision paralysis. Know what you're optimising for and act accordingly, like choosing the right system to match your interests. I like the idea of proactive and passive learning; learning things before you need them can be a game-changer. Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom.

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I didn't take courses on note taking. I barley understood that taking classes in collage. I have always avoided academia because of my suspicions about entrenched systems of thought. But that hasn't stopped me from a taking a class or two at a community college. Right now, the modeling your way of note taking is really important to me because I want to eventually learn how to write science fiction well. I can easily get bogged down by details so this info is golden to me. I have been thinking about how I can pop up some of these bits of knowledge while I am writing so I don't forget. Maybe an in Obsidian random quote generator. Im glad I found Obsidian. In many ways it has helped me improve my writing, but its has it's draw backs. Its easier to get side track now so I have to find ways to stay on target. I appreciate what you said at the end about writing "Generic Articles". That I want to avoid as well. The age of Language Models is making people think they can write well without any effort, and now we see a ton of stuff on the internet that's informative but lacks any depth.

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ya know instead of obsesing about cataloging and storing and indexing everry precious thought just write go with thebflow, if it's important it will work its way out..

one can spend a lifetime preparing just the right atmosphere to write. and spend oodles on fancy index systems and moleskine notebooks.

real writers write.

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